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This Year

This year, I believe, has the been the beginning to newer and better things in my photography. I ended last year, dealing with crashed hard drives and learning curves on cameras, programs and a new Mac. So, I have spent the last 10 months getting caught up in my photography life.

Due to other personal commitments, I'm not as involved with the Haldimand Photography Club, but have left it in the hands of some wonderful people and great photographers, as it continues to grow into a community photography club.

I've delved into the genre of Street photography, visited Ireland for some Landscape photography, did my first studio model shoot, a creative model shoot, a nude shoot and two underwater shoots, along with some Nature photography.

I attended my first photography weekend seminar in Niagara Falls, which was intense and enlightening. Plus displayed at Art in the Workplace in Hamilton.

Even though I don't feel that I'm picking up my camera as much as I used to, or displaying work, it's been a good productive year. So, I'm now happy to be adding new work to my website that I hope you enjoy.

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