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Photography seems to be a never ending adventure in learning that I love. I've shot thousands of images, posted hundreds and barely printed but a few. I have a wonderful Epson 3000 printer, which I've had for a few years and rarely use. So, today, I began by printing my favourite baby pictures for a collage and ended printing some 12"X18" Nature shots to officially begin my portfolio. It was a labour of love learning about resizing images, standard paper sizes, colour settings for different types of photo paper, and setting up the camera, the computer monitor, the editing program and the printer in sRGB, so what I see is what I get, or hopefully even better! Making the leap to printing on large sheets of photo paper was downright scary, considering the cost of paper and ink! I only messed up the first print, and the rest of the prints were outstanding! I never realized what a difference seeing a photograph in large print was compared to a small computer image on Facebook. LOL. All of a sudden, colour, contrast, tack sharp images, textures and the artful use of bokeh, all became paramount in print. Even the slightest non-intentional blur isn't going to cut it in a large print. Now I understand why photographers pixel peep

. Printing images adds a whole other dimension to photography. Now when I go out on a shoot, the quality will be with the intent of making a print in the end.

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